50 years anniversary of “The Sirs”

50 years ago the music band “The Sirs” was formed up in Austria. The group around Peter Güttenberger was very succesfull in the Austrian and German sales charts. A number one hit was just prevented by the famous “Beatles”, they blocked the number one position in the charts over weeks, so “The Sirs” where placed just on number two position.

Nevertheless the Austrian Music Group went on tour for many years and won many awards like the “Golden Microphone Award”. Unfortunately Charly Foglar, founding member and bassist diedsome years ago. So the new bassist Manfred Schmied replaced him and is together with Peter Güttenberger and Robert Zawiacic in the actual formation. Walter Madl, a guitar player who guided the group many years, also died a few years ago, but he was not replaced in the actual formation.

“One of the reasons we continue our music, is for our friends Charly & Walter who are unforgotten!” Peter Güttenberger sayed to Bulvar24. 

But the actual success is also noteworthy! With two actual songs the band where placed on number one position in the “Webradia Hitparade” charts. Its not a placement in the sales charts, but its a sign that “The Sirs” still have a great community who is enthusiastic about their music.

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photo: Peter Güttenberger & Robert Zawiacic, The Sirs 2018.

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