A interview of STEFANI BLAKE: Actress, writer & fashion model

1.       What do you do for a living?

I am a full time actress, writer, and I also do some professional fashion modeling.

2.       How would you describe what you do? 

My focus is acting in film, but I also enjoy working in other entertainment and production outlets such as television, commercial, theater, and directing. My other life passion is my writing. I have been writing since I was about 10 years old, and my work various from musical lyrics, novels, short stories, poetry, and screenplays. I amcurrently working onmy first novel, along with a screenplay which is based on that novel.

3.       What does your work entail?

Acting for me entails using several skills and abilities to learn and practice for a specific role, havingcomplete devotion to the role and/or characterI am portraying,a personal passion and drive toenjoy this type of work, and the mental and physical motivation and ability to allow myselfto become someone else on screen.

4.       What is a typical work week like?

A typical work week is always dependent on if I have a current film or project in production. If I am currently filming a specific project, there will be a daily shoot schedule to work around, and that role will take priority for me. If I don’t have a film or project in the works, then my week consists of daily audition scouting, working out, research and practice for those roles I am auditioning for, time set aside to work on my writing, and other time is filled with acting classes, skills work, and/or other activities including networking.

5.       How did you get started?

I have enjoyed acting in theater and school since a young age, and started acting in film when I moved to Las Vegas in 2016, where I was also a full time fashion model. My first feature film I auditioned for and was casted as a leading actress in was,Bus Party To Hell, which was produced in Las Vegas in 2017. #buspartytohell

6.       What do you like about what you do?

I love everything about what I do!It brings me great joy and a new and unique challenge each time to portray someone’s vision in a character and bring not only entertainment to the viewers, but also the opportunity to create emotion or bring change to someone’s life whom may connect with that character whom I am playing.

7.       What do you dislike?

The list is very small! I suppose I’d have to say I dislike the  unnecessary  “drama” or conflicts that can sometimes come up with the actors and production team in general. This of course is unavoidable to an extent in any career, however. My positive take-away here is my affirmation that I will always bring my A game, my love and passion, and team player readiness to each of my projects, and am fortunate to have worked with amazing individuals thus far!

8.       What skills are needed to do your job?

Some important skills that I believe are needed to be a successful actor include, but is not limited to: Mental, emotional, and physical ability to portray a role or represent a person other than yourself in front of many people and cameras, self motivation, determination, patience, reading comprehension and memorization skills for scripts and films, networking skills, and education or deep understanding of the technical pieces that go into making a film are also very important, yet can be learned through experience.

9.       What is the most challenging about what you do?

The biggest challenge for me at the moment is to stay patient and highly motivated when I do not have a current film in production. My passion and drive never go away however, so even when my patience is tested with time between projects, my heart is always still in it.

10.   What is the most rewarding?

For me the most rewarding part of this job is seeing the film to completion, after experiencing first hand all of the work that so many people put into a single film, a single television episode, or even a single commercial or other type of shoot. I have to also say that it is incredibly rewarding to hear, (whether through a review or an individual testimony), that someone has enjoyed your performance, or has even gained insight or felt overwhelming emotion from your performance…that is the ultimate reward and goal for me.

11.   What advice would you offer someone considering this career?

Simple, if you want it enough with your heart, and for all the right reasons,  stick with it. If you are looking for fame, or fortune, or if what you are doing is no longer benefiting you and others, time to move on.

12.   Do you have a talent Agent or Manager?

At the moment I am my own manager and have no outside representation.

13.   What projects do you have coming up and/or what are you currently working on? 

I have recently completed a feature film that is in post production called, Reverse. I am currently in pre-production status on a couple projects, one of them being an exciting new television series, a crime and justice drama which is from The Vice Squad Franchise.  I am also very excited for a feature film in the beginning stages of pre-production, set to film in 2019 called, Toad.

#reverse #vicesquadfranchice#lavicesquad #seattlevicesquad #toad

14.   What else would you like people to know about your career?

I appreciate all the continued love and support I have received and am very eager to publish my novel and screenplay in the near future. Thank you all!

15.   What is a common misconception people have about what you do?

I suppose I have heard a lot of people making the assumption that it is an easy job, and that it’s a simple process…of course after being on set for only a couple days of my very first feature film, and weeks on other projects, I can attest now this misconception couldn’t be further from the truth!

16.   What philanthropic or charitable organizations are you passionate about and why?

I am passionate about and supportive as much as I can be to any charitable organization that involves children, for example: The Ronald McDonald House, Make a Wish Foundation , Doctors Without Borders, and many more. Children are our future and not one child should have to grow up without every opportunity to be loved, to feel safe, and happy.

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