“Better Than Movies” – New Single – LISTEN!

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Introducing my new single “Better Than Movies.” It’s a rap Valentine to the best romantic comedies of all time

Source: SoundCloud

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See the lyrics below:




Let’s kiss on the beach like From Here To Eternity, get dirty as waves crash against our bodies,

two hotties keeping it hot for 91/2 Weeks, geeks like Revenge of the Nerds with herds of passion for each other,

just don’t fall for my brother like Legends of the Fall, be loyal like Bogart and Bacall, answer when I call,

“La De Da” like Annie Hall, make me laugh like Lucille Ball.

Be my Pretty Woman for free and like Val Kilmer in At First Sight I’ll make you see, that we were made to be together,

forget rain, I’ll sing for you in any kind of weather, follow a feather like Forrest Gump, and if we hit a bump,

I’ll remain sturdy, never say bye bye to your birdie, or be flirty, tickle your armpit like Swayze in Dirty-Dancing,

romancing your stone until you moan like When Harry Met Sally,

my Love Story like Ali-McGraw, I know you saw Casablanca,

“so here’s looking at you, kid”, this is my bid for you to be my wife,

Life is Beautiful with you, you make my heart rattle,

so till then baby, I’ll be missing you, love Sleepless in Seattle.


Our love is better than movies. Our love can’t fit on a screen and

Our love is brighter than big lights – and you’re the best star I’ve ever seen.


There’s Something About Mary and you.

You’re Some Kind of Wonderful. That I always knew.

I can’t believe we met in a bookstore like Julia and Hugh.

I’ll never forget our 50 First Dates like Adam and Drew.

They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that’s true.

Yeah, those 500 Days of Summer really flew.

On my own, I’m like the Man With One Red Shoe.

Jerry McGwire, you complete me, boo.

I had no clue about the Blind Date like Bruce and Kim,

I walked in on a nervous whim.

Matt Damon was the only Brother Grimm.

It was like Love and Basketball with no rim.

I’m just a boy standing in front of a girl asking her to love him.


Our love is better than Netflix. Our love can’t fit in a stream and

Our love is bigger than Disney – and you’re the queen of my favorite scene.


Do you feel lucky, punk?

I feel Out of Sight like J Lo and Clooney in the trunk.

I’m King of the World even if I sunk, even if I sink,

Love Actually could stink but you can Say Anything cause you’re so Pretty in Pink.

You’d look even prettier in white, let’s skip the funeral and plan My Best Friend’s Wedding tonight,

I’m talking about ours. Let’s Roman Holiday with Crazy Rich Asian open bars,

let’s drive fancy cars and count The Fault in our Stars, You want the moon, give me your hand,

This is As Good As It Gets, you make me wanna me a better man,

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn,

remember when Tom Hanks swam to Darryl Hannah in Splash?

Well, be my mermaid and kiss me when the credits fade.


Our love is better than movies. Our love can’t fit on a screen and

Our love is brighter than big lights – and you’re the best star I’ve ever seen.

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