Family, Firm, Fitness, Fashion are pleasure for soul: International Model Ana Zens

Ana Zens International Model, born in Vilnius in Lithuania. She lives in Dublin since 2005.

Her life balanced due to:

Through the year she successfully juggles 4 streams, which makes her life balanced: 

Family Firm Fitness Fashion.  

Family members – independent and supportive – makes me feel loved.

Firm – massage business-makes me feel that I do benefit for society.

Fitness – Athletic makes me feel Successful–good for health and body.

Fashion – Modelling, Soul pleasure-makes me feel beautiful. 

As I love all 4parts of my life they all are pleasure for soul.

Her opinion for lifestyle:

In my opinion everyone needs to find activity doing which he doesn’t count time, feel pleasure and doesn’t feel that he works. He needs to do it balancing with the rest. If no rest even loved job will be not pleasant. 

I am enjoying modelling, time just flies. Doing modelling I am relaxing from manager work which I do in Dublin Holistic Massage.  I love getting make up, I like when Stylists doing my hair and designers dressing me up. I feel full of attention and in the same time big team going to achieve one goal. Feeling of achievement is vital to each individual. Pictures and video are the results, for some one money, for some one satisfaction. Every person want to feel them self important, loved and in demand. That’s why everyone trying to be better and better, to serve others in better way. 

When people ask me what I am doing on my free time, my answer : on my free time I am working or going to work. My work is flexible and mobile it can be done from any part of World which civilised and have network.
Rest is important part in the life. Each time I am physically  at work I am getting massage treatment.

I eat only fresh food, 5times a day:2 big portions (meat, fish, pasta, rise, salads) the rest small (nuts fruits salads sandwich) and I drink plenty of water and green or fruit tea.

To feel comfortable and stylish everyday I am wearing clothes from Sensation Clothing

I like a Model Coach job which I do during bootcamp and for individuals. 

Her ideal world:

We need to earn money doing our loved job, and pay for service which we not able to do or don’t like, but for some one this service is a dream job.

In real life I work on profitable jobs which I like and brings relaxation to people. I feel I make this world better: relaxed person brings to the world more happiness and can be more effective. 

I like to pay for activities which I like to do. I do athletics. And this is where my money goes: Travel and participate in competition. I am Current Masters European 400m Champion. I am preparing for Masters World championship which will be in Malaga 04-16 of September. I have entered for 200m and 400m I will run for Ireland as I live and training there since 2005.

To celebrate my World medal I will go to London Fashion Week. 15th of September I will walk on catwalk for House of iKons in Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London. Founder of House of iKons – Savîta Kayê magically survived in quad bike accident in July and inspirational iron woman continues preparation for the show.  It is now making waves in the fashion industry. The show will showcase the first Robotic models.

Week after I will come back to Dublin, as current Miss Sunrise International, I will go to charity trip to Africa at the end of September. We will go for screening and Diabetes awareness. Sunrise Foundation volunteers with Founder AC Matilda will bring to Africa donated medicines and equipment to underprivileged families. I you can help Sunrise Foundation would accept any help you able to provide : Insulin.  Glucometers.  Testing strips.  Lancet.   Paracetamol. Any painkillers  and medication will help. You can find contacts www.SunriseFoundation.Ie

All trip to Africa will be documented by Videographer and photographer Alex Bechtin from Irish Fashion Magazine. 

I am optimistic and after all this trips have in plan to participate in Carina Cunningham’s Fashion Show  “Style Warriors 3”  on the 6th of October in Wright Venue. in aid of NECRET.

Follow Carina Cunningham on Facebook for casting date. 

Greatest Fashion experience of the Year 2018:

I was published on the Irish Fashion Magazine cover. 

Awarded as International Runway Model of the year by International Runway Achievers and Recognition Awards 

 And red carpet during Cannes Film Festival. 

During 71st Cannes Film Festival I was wearing award winning designers Venera Tabakin and Irish Designers Niamh Corazon dresses. It was great experience to watch the premiere of movies beside detector and actors who took a part in it.  

I am proud I was walking for Season 3 of Tiffany’s Red Carpet Fashion Show  in Cannes At the 5 star Carlton hotel during the 71st Cannes Film FESTIVAL. Looking forward to walk again in Tiffany’s Fashion show this time in Paris, Dubai and New York. Follow Tiffany McCall on Facebook for dates. 

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photo: @Hoanghai
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photo: @niharikamomtaz
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photo: Sensation Clothing

Text: Saif Rahman Sozib

Alex Bechtin from Sandro Blade Photography

Hannagh l Bow

Season 3 of Tiffany’s Red Carpet Fashion Show  in Cannes At the 5 star Carlton hotel during the 71st Cannes Film FESTIVAL

Designer @hoanghai

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