New single “Again in Love” from rising singer star Lex!

photo: LEX

Lex is currently in LA but she grew up in New York, where she earned her Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Vocal Performance at the University of Buffalo.

Growing up, LEX was immersed in a musical family, she played piano and wrote songs with her father and brother. It was this early influence that led her to create her own material, blending the sounds of her youth with her big vocals to create a unique style. As former president of her acapella troupe, she is also trained in classical operative vocal performance.

“It took a lot of hard work and dedication from within myself, as well as support from all the people around me to fully realize who I want to be, and what I have to show the world,” says LEX. “This EP is a reflection of the fire and passion my collaborators and I plan to put forth into our creations.”

LEX’s musical debut marks the beginning of what’s to come from an emerging talent. As a musician who has found confidence in her vocals and style, her powerful sound also translates in her upcoming videos. With visuals on the horizon for her future single “LA Baby”, LEX is focused on continuing to share her creative talent with the world.

Who is LEX?

Born and raised in Westchester, NY, LEX is a singer / songwriter. LEX has immersed herself in music since she was 6 years old– spending her time singing and playing the piano. Her love of music stems from her Father, who has influenced her writing style and passion for various genres of music such as Classic Rock, Jazz, Funk, and R&B. Classically trained at The University at Buffalo, LEX brings her experience singing opera and musical theater to the modernity of music today. Her rich and deep timbre gives you the vocal talent akin to that of Adele, while her lyrics boast a SZA vibe, hitting all the feels and packing a powerful, soulful punch.

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photo: LEX
photo: LEX
photo: LEX
photo: LEX

Text: Josh Mitchell



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