The Ascendent Studios Headed For Production with Vice Squad Los Angeles

The Ascendent Studios, a new production and marketing studio out of Hollywood, CA, has created a new television franchise called VICE SQUAD – Los Angeles. The creator of the show, Kevin Kellum, began the concept almost two years ago and is thrilled to see his seven city concept come to fruition as investors, actors and the production team come together to breathe life into the scripts.

Kellum believes that the proven theory of police, real life crime stories that are being shared throughout the nation, coupled with phenomenal writers from beloved cop shows of the past will be a winning combination for viewers and the cast.  “Our very first script was penned by a writer from Law and Order – it is an exciting story introducing the cast of Los Angeles to the viewers and the common thread of Human Trafficking that will bind all seven cities together.”

The “Me Too” movement has made huge, undeniable waves through America and has washed onto international shores, since going viral in October of 2017.  This franchise hopes to continue exposing and showing the reality of what extortion, coercion and threat does to individuals and society as a whole, with exceptionally well written scripts by writers who bring the tragedy and horrors lived by REAL survivors.  

As contributors of these stories come out of the shadows and hiding to share their real stories, the executives of The Ascendent Studios believe they have a moral obligation to better serve and support those working in the trenches and making radical moves to aide in the rescuing of those wishing, begging and even dying to get out of the underworld of prostitution and the porn world. “We are donating thirty second opportunities, WITHIN the show to not for profit, rescue organizations to highlight their efforts and ask for support!” Stevie  Corn-Kellum shared. “We want to make sure their requests are heard and seen – being part of the show keeps their desperate needs from being lost in the shuffle of commercials. We believe this will increase their chances of receiving the resources they so desperately need to continue their rescue efforts.” said Corn.

The Vice Squad Franchise will highlight stories from Chicago, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle with additional cities on the blackboard for future development, and will be produced in each city and in studios in New Mexico.  “We are working with Sony distribution – the support for our show, its original and compelling content are making for a explosive prime time television show, something that has been missing from TV. for close to a decade.”, said Camille Matthews of Selective Artists Agency.

This Franchise will be forging new ideas that truly bring media and America together. We, as a studio, believe we simply MUST champion those who are not as fortunate as others. We can and will bring focus to organizations that do so much with so little and are overlooked. Life happens around us, being mindful is part of having a human experience – The Ascendent Studios hopes to infuse compassion and understanding back into American mainstream media. Watch for this incredible television series to make waves in 2019. #aMEricaToo

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photo: archives The Ascendent Studios
photo: archives The Ascendent Studios

Text: Saif Rahman Sozib

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