1 – Azed, you are a french painter. You qualify yourself as Abstract Expressionist. Would you please kindly tell us more?

An expressionist painter will seek to make you feel emotions and not to reproduce existing things with perfect technique. In the Action Art, the artist will create works that will surprise himself each time. We choose feelings, emotions that we want to share. I always use the music as a vector of my creation. Music is essential to my life. My painting will be different if I listen to the radio or full albums of the 70’s or 80’s. Obviously, I never have any idea of the journey where the colors will bring me. The results are always a big surprise. In each of my works I put 1% of inspiration and 99% of perspiration and it leads me to 100% of fascination.

AZED - Psyché Déclics
AZED – Psyché Déclics

2 – How did you develop your artistic sensitivity? Have you always been an Abstract Expressionist artist?

When I was attending college, my artistic sensitivity was developed in a very sharp manner by an immoderate taste for classics painters, but also for comics. I have always been fascinated by the paintings of Michel Angelo and Leonardo da Vinci, but also later by David, Ingres and the surrealistic movement. I was wondering how the conventional painters could study the anatomy and the drapes, go for years to draw hands and feet before beginning their monumental works.

I read a lot of comic strips. Moreover, with a classmate, Didier Conrad, we made a presentation to introduce others students. Didier let them discover the Franco-Belgium comic strip and I did the same with the US super heroes of DC and Marvel. I did fantasize the teenagers who discovered the sexy Vampirella and the femdom in Heavy Metal magazine. Women are my reason of life.

 AZED - Solar Eruption of Love
AZED – Solar Eruption of Love

Subsequently, I have had the determination to make the Fine Arts school of Luminy – Marseille during one year which has taught me the different drawing techniques. But it is during a trip to New York, in 1997, I really need to use the vibrations of the colors to express true emotions.

Since 2013, Didier Conrad became the official illustrator of Asterix the Gauls. The french cartoon character which has been sold 5 million copies in the world and translated into 111 languages.

3 – Have you showed your works in prestigious galleries in France or elsewhere? Are you looking for new galleries in foreign countries which could display your work to new publics, and help you to promote your artwork?

During the 90’s years, I lived during ten years in Paris, from Maisons-Laffitte to Montparnasse. It was fantastic to move my feet in the same street than Picasso, Modigliani and also the director David Lynch who engraved prints and lithographs. So, I had some exhibitons between Marseille, Maisons-Laffitte and Paris. In 2013, I received an Award for my 30th year of exhibitions from 1983, in Marseille, to 2013 in Espace Beaurepaire (Paris – Republique). Since then, with Melissa Biron, Patrick Lachaud and the Art Freedom collective, I exposed in emblematic places such as the Espace Pierre Cardin, on the Champs Elysees, or in the Carousel du Louvre for the week of the FIAC! (International Fair of Contemporary Art). It was fantastic to meet so many crazy artists with so different universes and visions. I founded an artistic movement: infinitive visions. The goal was to be universal and timeless with sulfurous glamour.

AZED - The Writing
AZED – The Writing

It was very cool that some exhibitions, such as the one called Acrylics Photographics at the Gallery Eclat de Verre, or La Payotte de Marseille, with Elisabeth Meissirel, have been shot by filmmakers for fictions. The guests became improvised actors, during the time of the vernissage. They discovered with amazement the fainting of an actress supposed to be killed during the celebration. They did not know what happened and how to react. That was exactly the expectation of the Director. Today, of course, I would be delighted to show my creations in international galleries, for example in London, New York, Tokyo or Los Angeles, or elsewhere! Wherever the wind will take me…

4 – You mentioned your relationship with Patrick Lachaud. How did you meet? Could you tell us more about Art Freedom?

I met Patrick in 2008, in Paris. I showed him some pictures of the paintings that I had exposed the year before in the Gallery L’Eclat de Verre, in Marseille. He was immediately seduced by this multichrome universe. I also showed him some collages that were made and exposed 20 years earlier. He was seduced by these two facets of my work and invited me to his TV talk show. We finished as co-animators of that show.

AZED - Acrylic Photographics
AZED – Acrylic Photographics

Then I invited him on a multidisciplinary event in a modern hotel in Paris where we had a show case with international singers, a very talented fashion designer, Mathilde Badji, an Argentinean photographer, Mark-R and even Lita Cy, a performer artist who entirely entered into a plastic bubble. Since that time, I regularly collaborate with Patrick Lachaud who has become a true friend. When he offered me to expose at the Carousel du Louvre, in 2016, my answer was full blown yes, I’ll come with the Mona Lisa. In fact, with my partner Anne Gomis from Guinea Bissau, we presented an Afro Mona Lisa conducted at four hands. Our work has gained a lot of attention. We left the place with two Awards. I always appreciate the sensibility of Anne who is a real African princess of two villages of Casamance and is able to express herself with pencils, words and music. She is a very talented artist.

5 – Azed, let us come back to Superman. Are Superman’s fantasies your own fantasies?

French writer Gustave Flaubert asserted that he was Madame Bovary, I sometimes feel as I am Superman, or Batman. Of course, we share some fantasies. But they are the fantasies of a whole generation nourished by television, TV magazines, clips and other advertising spots that marked us as much that some long features. Some collages are punctuated with texts to rhyme often to come to support the pictorial side. Each one will take pleasure to detail the planks to seek such small details. And hidden texts appear in acrostics. A delight to wake up the spirit.

AZED - The Key of my heart
AZED – The Key of my heart

6 – You have a project for an exhibition in December 2019?

In fact, after four days devoted to the fantasies of Superman, on 4 December, I will show my paintings as well as chromatic variations which are photographic montages from my acrylic paints. The date of 4 December was not chosen at random. I love the idea of Superman doing the balance sheet of 80 years of his life, telescoping with my birthday!

Everyone is convinced to know everything about Superman, Batman and all the superheroes who have marked our childhood. Yet, my collages exhibition will show a very “frenchie” vision of his shifted universe. It is very fun and surrealistic.  Fit a double exposure during the month of December, during the euphoria of the holiday season, is the opportunity to launch an unforgettable event. Because the vernissage will also present a happening on some fantasy objects, but “Hussshhh!” I cannot tell you more, for the moment. But I am keeping next information confidential, especially for your readers.

AZED artiste peintre 2018
AZED artiste peintre 2018

Text: Saif Rahman Sozib 

Photo: AZED’s archieves

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